5 Fad Diets To Avoid This January

It’s January! Time to do all those things you vowed you’d start as soon as the new year came round.

Like, maybe, dieting.

But before you start on any of the following diets, you should know about the science (or lack of) behind them.

1. Paleo diet.

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This lifestyle is based on what people ate in the Paleolithic period, between 2.5 million and 10,000 years ago, with the premise that our biology hasn’t changed since then. People on a Paleo diet eat lots of meat and some vegetables, but no beans or other legumes, and no dairy.

The trouble is the science this diet is based on is not all there. Our biology has changed since the Paleolithic era. One example is lactose. Our ancestors’ bodies used to turn off the gene used to break down lactose after infancy. But once we started eating dairy on a regular basis, we developed a mutation that kept it turned on. Other things have changed, too. Our gut bacteria is almost certainly different now and the foods we eat have also changed beyond recognition since then.

If this diet appeals to you, here’s one thing you should take from it: cut down on processed food.

2. Raspberry ketone supplements.


Raspberry ketone is the main compound that gives raspberries their aroma. It’s also used as a food additive, and was approved for food use by the US Food and Drug Administration in 1965.

But there’s no evidence that it’s safe as a supplement. Crucially there’s also no evidence that it actually helps you lose weight. In tests on rats it appeared to protect them from obesity, but no such trials have been reported in humans.

3. Monomeals.


Monomeals are exactly what they sound like: a meal of just one fruit or vegetable, like a pile or oranges or a bowlful of strawberries.

Some people think that your gut gets tired when trying to digest more than one type of food. But there’s no truth to that. In fact, combining foods can help you absorb some nutrients.

Ok, you can devour a bunch of bananas for dinner once in a while if you want to, and eating plenty of fruit and veg is a good idea, but it’s also important to get a balanced diet.

4. The blood type diet.

This diet is based on the notion that different blood types – A, B, AB and O – need different diets, because each blood type evolved during a different period of Earth’s history. If that sounds ridiculous, it’s because it is.

There is some evidence for differences in the likelihood of developing certain diseases depending on your blood type. For example, people with type A, B and AB seem to be more likely to develop pancreatic cancer than people type O blood. And type O people are more susceptible to cholera and the plague.

But there’s no need to tailor your diet to your blood to prevent diseases – just eat as healthily as you can.

5. The 5:2 diet.


This diet was popularised by a BBC Horizon documentary in 2012. It consists of eating normally for five days a week, and fasting on the other two.

There is some evidence that this diet does lead to weight loss (at least among the overweight women involved in this study). But the NHS says that more evidence is needed to uncover any side effects and long term problems that might arise. (They recommend consulting your doctor before trying this diet out, too.)

After all, the only way to really lose weight is to eat less.

(As hard as that may be.)

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British Model Receives Death Threats On Twitter After Being Mistaken For Hapless Brazilian Footballer

Bad Twitter.

1. British model Marcello Ferri received a torrent of abuse online after Twitter users confused him with the Brazilian footballer who scored an own goal in the opening game of the World Cup.


2. The fitness model, who lives in London, owns the Twitter handle @marcello and began receiving abuse after Brazil’s left-back Marcelo accidentally put the ball in his own net during the first half of last night’s match against Croatia.

The fitness model, who lives in London, owns the Twitter handle @marcello and began receiving abuse after Brazil's left-back Marcelo accidentally put the ball in his own net during the first half of last night's match against Croatia.

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Elsa / Getty

3. He tried to tell Twitter they had the wrong person.

Marcello @Marcello

To all those hurling abuse at me for scoring an own goal, please re-direct your anger to @12MarceloV. Thank you

4. But they didn’t appear to get it.

Marcello @Marcello

Is this what it’s like when a member of 1D tweets…

5. The model took it all in good humour.

Marcello @Marcello

Please try and score in the right goal this half @12MarceloV.

Marcello @Marcello

So when does the World Cup finish?

Marcello @Marcello


8. However, the tweets became more and more abusive.

Marcello @Marcello

I feel sorry for @12MarceloV‘s timeline right now… “@Koqology: I hope you die. @Marcello

9. Ferri told the Evening Standard he wasn’t even watching the match last night and was instead in the gym.

Marcello @Marcello

Thank you #TeamAdonis x “@AdonisCabaret: Vote for ADONIS Host @Marcellohttp://t.co/ftJvE3WDfJ

14. And this is Marcelo Vieira.

And this is Marcelo Vieira .

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Adam Pretty / Getty

Brazil went on to win last night’s match 3-1 after two goals from Neymar and one by Chelsea midfielder Oscar.

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Best Fitness Routines: Home Cardio Workout & Exercise

Best Fitness Routines: Home Cardio Workout & Exercise

This book is your how-to guide when it comes to working out at home–from start to finish.

Working out at home can be great fun, if you choose a routine that is both interesting and which is guaranteed to have results. The way that you work out is the most important part of getting results. A typical workout is divided into five parts:

•The Warm Up

•Cardio Workout

•Strength Training


•Cool Down

Each chapter of this book shall address one part of the workout. It is also based on the premise that you have thirty minutes for each session of the workout. Therefore, the timing for each part of the work out is 5 minutes for the warm up, 15 minutes for the cardio workout, 5 minutes for strength training, 5 minutes for stretches and the final five minutes for cooling down.

In the last chapter, there are 5 fantastic fitness routines that are listed, featuring all the different exercises you can fit into each part of the workout. Working out at home is an excellent way to get the exercise you need, without giving in to the pressure and expense of joining a gym. With proper planning and a fixed schedule, you will find that you can achieve amazing results for the benefit of both your body and your mind.

Be equipped to make the right decisions for your health and fitness. Read on to begin your complete transformation.



‘Daniella III’ Power Recliner

‘Daniella III’ Power Recliner, Don’t be surprised if this ‘Daniella III’ recliner becomes the favourite seat in your home. With pillow-top padded arms, bucket seat and head rest with attached back and seat cushions and full-rising footrests, this recliner has been designed for total ease and comfort. So sit back, put your feet up and relax.

List Price: 1499.99

Price: 1499.99

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Meet the ‘Runners-Up’ to World’s Sexiest Pre-Race Dance


Remember last week when Australian runner Michelle Jenneke seduced the Internet with her unusually sultry pre-race dance routine? We couldn’t help but chuckle at the volunteers’ reactions in the background, yet one thing was missing – the reactions of Jenneke’s competitors.

Improv comedy group The Second City fills the void with exaggerated versions of the alluring track and field star’s rival hurdlers.

We give the video 10s across the board.

Samsung ‘Premium’ Blu-ray Player Does Ultra HD… Sort Of


LAS VEGAS – Now that Ultra High-Definition TVs – which have 4x the number of pixels as 1080p sets – are a real thing, the question remains: Does anything exist that can actually play the format? Samsung says yes, offering up a “premium” Blu-ray player capable of serving up Ultra HD video … with a catch.

The catch is the video is actually upconverted from 1080p (or standard-def), not native 4K (the other term for Ultra HD). You can’t really blame Samsung – since there isn’t yet a consumer disc format for Ultra HD, there wasn’t really a way to build a player that outputs 4K natively, at least not one that would be guaranteed to still work in a year.

The player (model no. BD-F7500) also includes built-in Wi-Fi, letting it play material wirelessly from any DLNA-connected device, or even connect with other Samsung smart appliances. What to check if your laundry’s done from your Blu-ray player? Now you can do that.

Power all this future goodness is a 900MHz dual-core chipset, which also helps power Samsung S-Recommendation engine, which the company says is “like a good friend who knows your interests,” recommending content from all the sources it can connect to.

Are you interested in a Ultra HD Blu-ray player that can only upconvert to the format? Let us know in the comments.

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